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The Barn Beam Multi-Image Frame

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The Barn Beam Frame: a two and a half inch hand hewn, rough cut frame made to show off more than one image!  With a warm neutral colour and a satin finish, This frame can accommodate your desired amount of images in any configuration.  A perfectly customizable frame.  

Please keep in mind frame size/final image sizes when designing your layout.  Be sure to keep spaces big enough to show off enough image.  It is recommended to include no more than 9 images at the biggest size, and no more than 4 in the smaller sizes.

This listing is for the FRAME+BLOCK.  The frame will come fully assembled, with the block already inside, and ready for your Client!  *Please note, the block in this frame CANNOT be removed*

Please refer to the last image for file naming requirements.  All files should be sent via to  See Everjoy Policies for more information on File Submission, Refunds, Shipping, and more.