Hi!  Welcome to Everjoy Blocks!  I'm Suzanna, the one behind all of this!  I took over this little endeavour from an amazing woman in the Spring of 2018.
I'm the Mom of two little spitfires, and I'm married to an amazing man.  I grew up on a dairy farm in mid-western Ontario, Canada called Everjoy Farms, named after my parents.  It has always been my safe pace, roaming the fields and bush and splashing in the creeks, and petting the cows and helping with fieldwork.  Now I take my own kiddos there, and love watching them explore some of the same things I loved as a kid.  
I make every block by hand and with love, cutting the wood, sanding it, and doing the finishing.  Each item sold is made by hand, by me in our little 'shop.' I'm also a Newborn/Baby photographer over at Suzanna Kennedy Photography.  Babies are my favourite.
Thanks for stopping by!
xo Suzanna