Block How-to

Welcome to the Everjoy Photo Block how-to!  From ordering to hanging, we've got you covered.  If you need assistance or clarification in any of the topics, please feel free to use the contact us tab, or email us directly at 


Like any online store, just add what you want to order to your shopping cart, and check out!  Any shipping overages charged will be returned in the form of a gift card to the shop.  


Please have your images sized correctly prior to sending them to me.  If you are ordering an 8x10, please have it cropped to a 4:5 ratio, a 5x10 cropped into a 5:10 ratio, rounds cropped to a 1:1 ratio, and so on.  I will not adjust crops when I print images, so please be sure to size them correctly to ensure it is printed exactly how you want it.  Please ensure that your files are sized at 300dpi with an sRGB or Adobe 1998 embedded profile.  

When saving your images, please change the file names to LASTNAME,SIZE (If you are ordering a hanging block, please also add top, mid, and bot to indicate which image you want at the top, middle and bottom). 

For example, if you are ordering an 8x10, and your last name is Smith, your file name would be Smith8x10.  If you order a 5x7, it would be Smith5x7.  A hanging block of three 5x5s would be named Smith5x5top, Smith5x5mid, Smith5x5bot.  


Within 24 hours of placing your order, please send in your images.  You can send your RESIZED and RENAMED files to via  It's free to use, and super easy!  Just type in your email, our email, and upload your files and hit send.  Easy peasy.  

Please do not email me the files directly.  Emailing can lower the quality of the files, and we want the best for your blocks!


Normal turnaround time for blocks is four weeks unless otherwise noted.  I try my absolute hardest to get them sent out before those four weeks.  If you require a rush order, please contact  me BEFORE placing an order to ensure that I can accommodate your timeline.  There may be a rush order fee of 20% of your order, with a minimum fee of $20.  A custom listing with rush fee will be made in the store.   


You've got your blocks, woohoo!  Now it's time to hang them.  Each block comes with a hole in the back for hanging.  You can also hang them using Command Strips.  For larger blocks, it is recommended to use both.  

hanging holes



Each block is made with the utmost care to withstand every day life, however they are still fairly fragile.  If hung on a wall, they will last gorgeously, however if you are pulling them down or handling them every day, there is a chance that the edges may start to peel up eventually.  Just like every print, they are susceptible to scratches as well.  Try not to lay things on top of them, or handle them excessively. Keep them dry, and clean them with a dry lint free cloth if they get dusty.  Just hang 'em and stare.