Everjoy Policies


Standard turnaround for all products unless otherwise stated is four weeks.  The four week turnaround begins on the date that files are submitted, NOT when the order is placed.  Turnaround does not include shipping times.

Due to the nature of wood products, there may be small imperfections in the wooden block.  These imperfections are caused by knots in the wood, and will not affect the image/front of the block in any way.  There will be no refunds for knots or notches in the wood backing or sides. 


Files must be named with the following baseline:


For example, Susan Smith ordering an 8x10 block would name her file Smith-8x10.jpg.  Please see the file naming image included in each listing for product specific requirements.

Frames: Name-Size-Frame-Colour (eg. Smith-8x10-Classic-Warm.jpg)

Hanging Blocks: Name-Size-Position-Corner Style (eg. Smith-8x10-Top-Half.jpg)

Ornaments: Name-Colour/Style-Tie Colour (eg. Smith-cream-goldvelvet.jpg or Smith-square-wine.jpg)

Cubes: Name-Cube-Position *see image in listing for positional markers* (eg. Smith-Cube-A.jpg)


All image files should be sent via www.wetransfer.com to hello@everjoyblocks.com within 24 hours of placing an order unless otherwise noted. Orders for which files have not been submitted within 30 days of order date will be converted to gift cards.  

Images MUST be properly cropped to match the block purchased.


Due to the nature of the items, there will be NO refunds for digital items.  Updates and additions to digital files will be e-mailed to all past purchasers upon upload. 


Due to the custom nature of the product, there will be no refunds.  Everjoy Blocks prints photos as supplied  by the customer.  Please be sure that your files are saved as Adobe RGB(1998) or sRGB IEC61966-2.1, and that your files are cropped to the correct ratio.  Refunds will not be given in the event that files are never submitted.  Any orders for which files are not submitted within 30 days, will be converted to Gift Certificates.  Everjoy Blocks will make every effort to contact the Customer in the event that files are not submitted, however file submission is the sole responsibility of the Customer.  


Orders can be cancelled or modified up to 24 hours after being placed.  Orders which have not entered production can be cancelled and refunded minus credit card processing fees.  Once past the 24 hour modification window, orders cannot be cancelled or altered.  Orders which have entered any stage of production cannot be cancelled or altered.  


The four week turnaround during a sale is not guaranteed.  While everything will be done to have all orders shipped within four weeks of receiving files, due to the volume of orders, there may be delays in production.  

While the 24-hour rule for file submission is waived during a Sale Event, please be sure to get your files in as quickly as possible.  


Shipping costs based on order subtotal at checkout, or current carrier rates. Orders will ship Canada Post Expedited unless otherwise chosen at checkout.  Free Canadian Shipping for single orders over $400.  Multiple domestic orders may be combined at the time of shipping at the sole discretion of Everjoy Blocks.  If shipping is combined, any actual shipping overages in excess of $10 may be returned to the Customer in the form of a Gift Card.  

FedEx shipping is available upon request.  An invoice for any additional shipping charges will be sent and must be paid prior to shipping the order. 

Packages returned undeliverable will be re-shipped at the Customer's Cost.  There will be no refunds for undeliverable mail.  


Any items arriving damaged must be reported to Everjoy Blocks via email to hello@everjoyblocks.com within 48 hours of delivery.  A photo of the damage, plus the original packaging must be included in the email. 

Everjoy Blocks will not be held liable for any damages or imperfections once product has been delivered to the end Consumer.  The Photographer should check thoroughly all blocks before forwarding.



  • use clean, dry hands and be mindful or skin oils which can damage the finish
  • do not place in direct sunlight, and keep away from direct heat sources.
  • avoid moisture, these items are not water resistant
  • hang with properly installed hardware that can handle the weight of the piece eaily
  • do not stack anything on top of the blocks


  • use a soft, clean, lint free cloth to gently wipe dust off the piece
  • avoid using water or cleaners, as these items are not water resistant.